I am thrilled to say, that I not only have met my goals, I have now exceeded them!

After having two children in my mid-thirties, and desiring to get back to my previous physique, I decided to research the use of a personal trainer. I have always maintained an active lifestyle, but with the additional responsibilities of motherhood and a more demanding schedule, I found myself needing a more effective workout within a tighter schedule.

After visiting several of the options available in our local community and being disappointed with their lack of understanding of my personal goals and cookie-cutter approach I finally found Precision Personal Training. My decision to choose PTT was made after considering the professionalism of Angie and her staff, their holistic approach to considering all aspects of health and fitness, and their understanding of my goals. After all, if you are going to hire a personal trainer to help you meet your goals, they should really understand those goals.

When I started working out at PPT, we began by setting specific goals, my trainer developed a plan and finally set a target date. Each week we worked hard, discussed my progress, and reviewed my personal commitment and progress toward my goals. I am thrilled to say, that I not only have met my goals, I have now exceeded them! My first experience engaging a personal trainer at PTT to help me achieve my health and fitness goals has been an excellent one. I would recommend their services and dedication to anyone who wants to begin living the lifestyle they desire

Lisa Delaossa Age 38 Married, with children, ages 2 and 3.

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