About Us

We are what professional personal training should be!

With all the choices out there these days, it’s hard to make a decision on a personal trainer who will work best for you. At Precision Personal Training the studio environment is always clean and professional with you as the focus of every session. All of our trainers are experienced and can work with a broad spectrum of clientele.

Going to a trainer is more than just motivation, accountability, structure and nutritional guidance. You will get all of that at PPT but we also educate you on proper form, how the exercise will benefit you, and lifestyle changes you can make outside the studio for success in your overall fitness goals. You will end your session with a feeling of accomplishment knowing you are one day closer to reaching your fitness goal.  You will not be disappointed.

There are no hidden costs or membership fees. You pay for your training sessions and that’s it! We even open the cardio machines to you, as a client, to do your cardio homework on your non-training days at no extra charge. Your trainer will keep close tabs on your progression and make changes as necessary.